Joe McDaid

Joe leads a team of Product Managers in Redmond, Washington. His team is responsible for maintaining and extending Microsoft Excel’s core platform.

He joined the Excel team in 2014 where he initially focused on formulas, functions, and the calculation engine. Some of the features he’s owned or substantially contributed to include dynamic arrays, Python in Excel, lambda values, stale formatting and more than two dozen functions, including XLOOKUP and PIVOTBY.

Prior to joining the Excel Team, Joe worked as a financial modeler in Melbourne, Australia. Using his financial modelling background, he helped launch ModelOff in 2012 as the original question design lead. He continued to lead the ModelOff question design team until he joined the Excel team in 2014. These days he is an avid supporter of ModelOffs outstanding trio of successors: FMWC, MEWC and MECC.

DEC 3 | 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Excel Evolved: Exploring some of Excel’s latest calculation features.

During this session we’ll explore some of Excel’s absolute latest calculation features and dive into some lesser-known calculation topics.